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The daily grind of life may be visible around your eyes, but it is also the fact that the skin around your eyes is very thin. Aging accelerates the appearance of wrinkles and other marks of supposed weariness. Eye Rejuvenation, a form of surgical treatment to reverse aging’s effect on one’s face, has gained popularity over the years-with more than 600,000 procedures done between 2009-2011. The fatigued appearance in one’s eyes is seen in what is commonly known as crow’s feet (laugh lines or character lines caused by facial muscle movement), tear troughs (dark circles under the eyes from weakened infraorbital septums), the loss of elasticity around the eyes, increased bulges of fat in the orbital areas under the eyes, and thin eyelashes.

There are many forms of treatment to combat these problems. Blepharoplasty, also known as an eyelift or eyelid surgery, is a cosmetic eyelid operation to reduce skin wrinkling or reduce puffy bags under the eyes. It involves restructuring the eyelid, removing or moving excess tissue (skin, fat), strengthening tendons and muscles, creating an upper eyelid crease (often known as double eyelid surgery or Asian blepharoplasty), or to reduce peripheral vision loss. Potential candidates for eyelid surgery include those with excess skin on the upper eyelids, loose skin on the upper eyelids impairing vision, puffy-looking upper eyelids, surplus skin and wrinkles on lower eyelids, puffy and dark circles under the eyes, droopy lower eyelids, and a lack of an upper eyelid crease. Benefits include tighter skin, loss of worry lines, reduced appearance of fatigue, improved peripheral vision, stronger eyelids and eyelid muscles, and improved eye elasticity.

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